Travel has become accessible more than ever but frequent travelers and commuters in India are often faced with one pertinent problem. Public restrooms! Most public restrooms across India are not hygienic and are breeding grounds for a plethora of microorganisms that can be a potent threat to the human body.

But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and ‘when’ you’ve got to do it. If you had no choice, but to use a public restroom, what would you do?

Public restrooms often harbor different kinds of bacteria and germs that can make you sick. Although it’s unlikely that you will contract any serious diseases from a toilet seat, you may nevertheless want or need to sanitize public toilets before using them. By using covers or wiping the toilet seat and making sure to wash your hands, you can disinfect a public toilet and keep yourself from picking up any bacteria that may linger on surfaces.

The Cure:

Use a toilet seat cover

Public restrooms may have toilet seat covers made of lightweight paper that you can place on the seat. Use these covers to create a barrier between your skin and the toilet seat, which may help you from coming in contact with bacteria.

These covers are usually on the wall of the restroom or in holders in each bathroom stall.

If there is any material on the seat, or it is wet, wipe it off with some toilet paper before you place the cover on the toilet.

Place the cover with the center tab hanging down into the water so that it flushes away after use.

Consider carrying a personal single-use toilet seat cover for situations when no cover is available.

Use a Toilet Seat Sanitizer

The concept of using a Toilet Seat Sanitizer may be novel to people in India but those who have used it, know that it is one step closer to maintaining hygiene.

A toilet seat sanitizer helps to sterilize the washroom and the commode prior to using it. It helps to protect you from any likely infections and toilet-borne diseases. Most toilet seat sanitizers can be used on the faucets as well thereby ensuring you have a very clean experience when you use a public restroom. The sanitizer can be used at home as well – the added benefit is that if you have guests at home, you can be assured that even they are having a clean experience.

Why toilet seat sanitizers are important

Toilet Seat Sanitizers negate the risk of catching an infection. Especially when traveling, toilet seat sanitizers help to protect you from any possible infections and toilet-borne diseases.

How to use it

Using a toilet seat sanitizer is simple; shake the can well and spray on the toilet seat from a distance of at least two feet. Wait for at least 10 seconds to let it dry completely before using it.

Advantages of a Toilet Seat Sanitizer

An effective toilet Seat Sanitizer, like Sanitt Spray, is small enough to carry but big enough to provide 99.99% instant germ-free protection and a fragrant environment.

Sanitt Spray also easily sanitizes frequently touched parts like faucets/handles/taps/flush knobs in public toilets. Gives assured protection in public toilets from toilet-borne diseases like diarrhea & Urinary Tract Infections.