It is no secret that with the onset of COVID-19, the consumption of hand sanitizers across the globe has increased to a large extent. Hand sanitizers have now become one of the most sought-after hygiene and personal care products and for a good reason.

Medical experts and healthcare practitioners always recommend thorough handwashing for a minimum of 30 seconds, to save one’s health and prevent the spread of illness, especially amidst the global pandemic. And this is a necessity, especially at a workplace as people often touch foreign surfaces, come in contact with probably several people, shake hands with clients, open doors, and expose themselves to bacteria and viruses while they are traveling. However, many people disregard this advice or don’t wash their hands long enough to kill the germs present in their bodies.

For at least five days a week, from Monday through Friday, employees spend more time at a workplace than at their own homes. In some cases, people come to work even when they are sick to manage their workload. This makes every office a breeding ground for germs and microbes.

And this is where hand sanitizers come in handy! Hand sanitizers are the best alternatives for soap and water, and they effectively reduce the risk of inhaling or consuming germs, which in turn prevents illness. As illness is related to productivity, or the loss of it, it is crucial to implement an effective hygiene routine at work. A proper hand hygiene regimen can reduce absenteeism, which in turn boosts productivity. Having a hand sanitizer dispenser or a hand sanitizer spray can help maintain hygiene quite easily.

Why use hand sanitizer?

Though using soap and water to wash hands is the best way to get rid of germs, it may not always be a viable option, especially if you are in a hurry. Washing hands requires you to walk to the restroom and spend a good 30 seconds cleaning your hands. However, with a liquid hand sanitizer, you can just rub it generously on your hands while you are on the go and get on with your task.

As per statistics, alcohol-based sanitizers will remove the germs in your hands by 97% and employees who use sanitizers five times a day at work, are 67% less likely to fall sick with flu or come down with food poisoning.

By placing alcohol-based hand sanitizers in certain strategic places at the office, it can serve as a reminder for the employees to maintain hand hygiene, and make your workplace cleaner and healthier.

Where can you place hand sanitizers in an office?

It is important to have hand sanitizers installed in places that are easily within sight and reach for employees. You can place hand sanitizer dispensers in high-traffic areas within the workplace and all the common gathering areas. Some of the places to keep hand sanitizers in a workplace are:

All entrances and exits:

It is important to place sanitizers near all the entrances and exits in an office is because people walk in through these spaces after prolonged exposure outside, making it a hotbed for germs. A doorknob can be home to a plethora of microbes as several people use it throughout the day.

Cafeterias and food courts:

This is the most important area to place a sanitizer, no doubt. These are places where food is consumed, and if food is eaten with germ-ridden hands, one can easily become infected with sickness and several diseases. Using an alcohol-based sanitizer before having a meal can help eliminate germs.

Meeting rooms:

Meeting rooms are places that are usually packed with employees, cleaning staff, clients, and guests who often exchange handshakes and stay in contact with each other for several hours, thus exchanging germs. By placing hand sanitizer dispensers in meeting rooms, it allows them to maintain hand hygiene and safeguard themselves from germs before and after the meeting.

Employee desks:

This is a no-brainer, of course. Employees spend a majority of the day at their desks, where they not just work, but also eat, drink and go about their daily routine. These desks become a resting place for several viruses as the employee may sometimes sneeze or cough in the same space. Having a sanitizer stationed near the employee desks can ensure that they go about their routine uninterrupted while maintaining their hand hygiene regimen.