There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a drastic change in our lives. Due to the onset of COVID, people have become extremely cautious, and hygiene and cleanliness practices have gained utmost importance, now more than ever. After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a rapid increase in the sales of personal hygiene and cleanliness products such as hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and surface disinfectant wipes.

Multi-surface wipes, also known as antibacterial surface wipes, have become popular ever since the spread of COVID, as more and more people are using it as a quick cleaning solution in office premises and other places. These surface cleaning wipes make cleaning quick and convenient. These wipes contain diluted disinfectant solutions, so one does not have to worry about keeping bottles of concentrated disinfectants with them. These wipes are also made from a special material that absorbs the disinfectant formula and releases it when the wipes are being used. They are also extremely safe to handle and are cost-effective. These wipes can be used on several objects such as doorknobs, bathrooms, hospitals, dining spaces, and other high-touch areas. Several brands are also coming up with the best face wipes for every skin type, which can be used when you are exposed to dust, heat, and germs while traveling.

Let us take a look at the several benefits of using multi-surface wipes.

  1. Disinfects surfaces:

The main benefit of these multi-use wipes is that they disinfect surfaces efficiently. These wipes are handy as they can be carried easily when you’re stepping out. They effectively clean a surface and do not leave any residue such as grime or grease behind.

  1. Kills microbes:

These surface wipes are doused in disinfecting solutions, which makes them highly effective in killing bacteria and germs. As per research, they are also proven to kill or deactivate viruses, making them an ideal daily use hygiene product in today’s situation.

  1. Easy to use:

As mentioned earlier, these wipes can be carried easily. They can be used to clean and disinfect surfaces when on the go. Be it wiping a work desk clean or simply disinfecting your personal belongings, you can use them on any surface. You also find some of the best-wet wipes for skin too. Wet wipes for skin are also available along with surface wipes, through which you can keep your skin clean and germ-free.

  1. Environment friendly:

In recent years, more and more emphasis has been placed on biodegradable products. The multi-surface wipes that are being developed are biodegradable. These wipes can easily be disposed of after use, without harming the environment. Most of these wipes are also flushable, which means that they can be flushed off without the fear of clogging the pipes or toilets.

  1. Can be used in multiple spaces:

Be it a workplace, kitchen, medical setup, or home, these surface wipes can be used everywhere. These wipes are very helpful in quick clean situations where one doesn’t have enough time to disinfect or clean space with the help of a disinfectant solution.