Sanitt Multi Use Skin & Surface Wipes 12/Wipes Pack of 4, get 2 Pack Wipes FREE

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  • Kills 99.9% germs & bacteria Protection.
  • Ultra-smooth fibre makes it less harsh on the skin Ideal for      normal skin face, Elbow & hands.
  • Also you can use for any surfaces, Handle, Furniture & toys etc.
  • Shows effective and long-lasting results
  • Deodorizes surfaces and hand
  • Anti-bacterial, which helps to keep any surfaces much cleaner and free from germs & bacteria.
  • Maintain the pH balance of the skin, these protect the skin from any infections or rashes.
  • Zero (0%) Alcohol.
  • Gentle and moist that provides nourishment to the skin, leaving it soft and elegant.
  • Easy-pull sticky flap to maintain moisture of the wipes.

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Sanitt Multi Use Wet Wipes: Sanitt Multi-use wet wipes which are alcohol-free wipes suitable to be used for multiple purposes. These wet wipes can be used to clean your face, hands, surfaces, toys etc. and have a refreshing effect. The wipes are pH balanced, the power of hydrogen is balanced to keep the body parts hydrated.

The absence of alcohol makes the wipes suitable for sensitive skin. They are gentle and moist and have anti-bacterial properties. Ultra-smooth fibre makes sure that they are not harsh on the skin. This wet wipes kills 99.99% germs* & bacteria, thus disinfects and deodorizes a hard and soft surfaces.

How to use:

  • Open the label on top of your pack partially to see wipes inside.
  • Pull out the wipes and use as required.
  • Carefully re-seal the pack with the label to keep wipes moist & fragrant.

Where to use

  • These wipes can only be used externally, i.e. on the face, hands, arms, neck.
  • Also you can use for any surfaces, Handle, Furniture & toys etc.

Safety Information

  • Do not flush the wipes.
  • Prevent children and babies from chewing on the wipes or swallowing them.
  • Do not store under sunlight or in high temperatures to prevent drying.
  • Avoid in case of wounds, rashes or skin infections.
  • For external use only, discontinue use in case of irritation.
  • They are not safe for intimate areas and may cause skin reaction if used.
  • Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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12 Wipes/Pack, (Pack of 2), 12 Wipes/Pack, (Pack of 4), 24 Wipes/Pack, (Pack of 2), 24 Wipes/Pack, (Pack of 3), 24 Wipes/Pack, (Pack of 4)


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