The incidence of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is as high as 60 percent among Mumbai’s female train commuters. This is one of the shocking findings of a report on toilets on Mumbai’s suburban rail network by think tank Observer Research Foundation (ORF). The reason? Inadequate and dirty toilets.

Waiting for the sanitation system to come in place doesn’t seem to be the practical answer to all our worries. The huge untapped demand for a realistic and workable solution for women has finally been answered; Sanitt Spray, India’s first portable toilet sanitizing and deodorizing spray comes as great delight and relief.

Toilet Sanitizer and Deodorizer Sanitt Spray have a dual effect; it not only sanitizes a toilet but also deodorizes it, transforming any dirty and smelly toilet into a clean and perfumed comfort room.

The spray can be effectively used at home, railway or bus stations, restaurants, hotels, malls, and multiplexes. It not only sanitizes the seat but also other frequently touched parts in public toilets, such as doorknobs, flush handles, taps, mugs, etc.

Sanitt Spray is safe and CFC-free (Chlorofluorocarbons). It has a thoughtfully designed nozzle that ensures there is no wastage of the liquid.

Sanitt Spray is portable, effective, and available online at a purse-friendly price of just Rs.150/- MRP for a 75ml can. It is a spray women can rely on the next time they enter a public toilet.