COVID-19 has definitely altered life across the world, and the outbreak has caused people to place more emphasis on hygiene and sanitization practices. After the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, there has been a rapid increase in the sales of hygiene and sanitary products such as hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and surface disinfectant wipes. Now, after several months of lockdown, quarantine, and social distancing, the world is now slowly opening up, public spaces are becoming accessible, and educational institutions/offices are re-opening. However, it is highly important to take certain precautions while stepping out of your house apart from wearing a mask, like carrying a pocket hand sanitizer and a disinfectant spray to keep yourself safe from infection.

But, one of the major issues we come across while traveling or staying in a common space is the questionable hygiene in public toilets. These commonly used toilets tend to be a melting pot for various germs and microbes and can lead to several infections and diseases. This is where a toilet seat sanitizer comes in handy. A toilet seat sanitizer spray, as the name itself suggests, is a disinfectant solution specifically formulated to clean and sanitize toilet seats. Formulated with an alcohol base, the toilet seat sanitizer effectively combats and eliminates germs. Here are some of the major benefits of carrying a toilet seat sanitizer:

Easy to carry: Toilet seat sanitizers are a must-have while traveling, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Carrying them in your handbag is extremely easy, thanks to their compact, portable size.

Easy to use: These toilet seat sprays come with a quick-dry formula – all you have to do is wait for about 10 seconds or so after you spray it on the toilet seat, and it dries immediately.

It wipes out germs: The toilet seat sanitizer, much like any other surface disinfectant sprays, combat germs and eliminate them, making the toilet seat safe to use. They are also safe on all skin types.

Removes odor: Toilet seat sanitizers also come in different fragrances which helps eliminate bad odor makes using the public toilet a bearable experience.

It is multi-purpose in nature: Aside from sanitizing toilet seats, they can also be used on restroom door handles, washbasin taps, and even the flush. These are high-touch areas and spraying them with the sanitizer spray helps keep infections at bay.

Using toilet seat sanitizer helps maintain hygiene and reduces the spread of infection in you and everyone around you. You can buy a toilet seat sanitizer online on sanitt and work towards maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of infection during the pandemic.