With the corona virus pandemic outbreak, hygiene is increasingly becoming a primary concern, with high emphasis placed on several personal hygiene practises. Hygiene is not just limited to hand-washing but also extends to the cleaning of frequently touched surfaces such as tables, chairs & gadgets such as smartphone, earphone OR any other devices. Several personal hygiene and cleansing products such as hand sanitizers, surface disinfectant sprays, disinfectant wipes and toilet seat sprays have gained utmost importance in the past few years.

While a lot of importance is being placed on the significance of following hand hygiene practises and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, it is equally necessary to ensure that the devices that are constantly used by you, such as mobile phones, laptops and headphones are frequently disinfected. Disinfectant wipes with no additional abrasives work well for cleaning smartphones. Using Disinfecting Wipes to gently wipe the exterior surfaces of our smartphone can help get rid of germs to a greater extent. We can also apply a small amount of sanitizer to our phone and wipe all stains and marks away with a soft, linen-free cloth for cleaning. We need to make sure to clean all edges of smart phone properly along with phone case. This is necessary as we might often touch our smartphones frequently after coming in contact with a possibly infected surface. Wiping your smartphones clean with multi – surface disinfectant wipes and sanitizers will ensure that germs and microbes are not transmitted from the phone’s surface to your hands.

Sanitt Multi – Use Skin & Surface wipes are anti-bacterial, and they give 99.9% protection from disease causing germs & Viruses. Sanitt Multi-use wipes are disinfecting wipes that are practical for all types of Smart phones, earphones and everyday use on hands, arms, children’s toys, furniture, crockery, utensils, doorknobs and car interiors.