The COVID 19 pandemic has drastically altered life across the globe. With the coronavirus outbreak, heavy emphasis has been placed on the importance of hygiene and upholding thorough cleanliness. Due to the paranoia induced by the coronavirus infection, there has been a sudden increase in the consumption of personal hygiene products such as hand sanitizers, liquid disinfectants, surface cleaners, multi-purpose wipes, and more.

While the terms sanitizing and disinfecting have often been used interchangeably, they are not the same. Both sanitizers and disinfectants are quite different and they are used in different situations. Automatically, both sanitizing wipes and disinfectant wipes are quite different from one another, though they might seem to be quite similar.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), sanitizing wipes, or sanitizing in general, works by decreasing the number of germs and microbes on the surface up to a safe level, without necessarily killing them. However, disinfectants or disinfectant wipes work by eliminating a majority of the germs or microbes on the surface.

The major difference between sanitizing wipes and disinfecting wipes is that one is stronger than the other. However, that does not mean that sanitizing wipes are not effective. You can use sanitizing wipes on your hands as they are hands-safe on the skin and it effectively reduces the number of germs and microbes. Sanitizing wipes are also non-allergic and non-toxic, and they can be used to clean delicate surfaces.

Application of Sanitizing Wipes:

There are several different situations in which sanitizing wipes can be used. The most common applications of sanitizing wipes are:

  • Hard surfaces such as doorknobs, desks, handles, countertops, and more.
  • Hands, as they are skin–safe and effectively reduce the number of germs and microbes
  • Equipment in places like the gym, workplace, and other common spaces
  • Gadgets such as phones, laptops, tablets, and more
  • Day care and schools, as sanitizing wipes do not affect the kids’ respiratory system.

Application of Disinfecting Wipes:

Disinfecting wipes are also called anti-bacterial wipes as they can kill bacteria and viruses on the surface. Since disinfectants are stronger than sanitizers, we must be careful while using them. Some common applications of sanitizing wipes are:

  • Emergency care centers such as hospitals and clinics
  • Locker rooms, cubicles, and cabins
  • Public toilets
  • Public transportation seats, railings, handles, and more.