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About Sanitt Spray

At Midas Hygiene Industries, we share your concern for personal hygiene.

Sanitt is India’s first portable toilet sanitizing and deodorizing spray. It was launched in 2011 to address the widespread issue of UTI and related illnesses in women and children, a major cause of which is infected toilet seats.

Our aim is to make the use of public spaces such as toilets as safe and hygienic as possible, and we truly appreciate your help in getting us closer to our goal.

As sanitizing becomes the new normal and essential in 2020, we have extended our product range with Sanitt Hand and Skin Disinfectants. It is a 75% alcohol formula which kills 99.9% infection causing bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Do spread the word, this can be your little contribution in helping your loved ones stay safe!
Thank You.

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