Ever since the COVID 19 Pandemic outbreak, there has been a drastic increase in the consumption of personal hygiene products such as hand sanitizers, surface disinfectants, multi-surface wipes, sanitizer sprays and more. This is due to the increase in panic buying behaviour and paranoia induced by the coronavirus infection. One of the personal hygiene products that gained importance during this pandemic period is the toilet seat sanitizer spray. As the name itself suggests, toilet seat sanitizer spray is a disinfectant spray that is used to disinfect toilet seats effectively, to ensure proper hygiene. There are several benefits associated with using a toilet seat sanitizer spray, they are:

Ensures hygiene: It is no secret that toilet seats are a breeding ground for several germs and microbes. Especially if you’re using a public toilet, the risk is definitely higher. However, with a toilet seat sanitizer spray, you don’t have to bother about germs anymore. All you have to do is spray the sanitizer on the toilet seat, wait for a few seconds and then use it.

Effective: Most toilet seat sanitizers are formulated with an alcohol base. This will effectively eliminate the germs and microbes, making the toilet seat safe to use.

Fragrant: Several toilet seat sprays also come in different fragrances. As public toilets usually tend to have a bad odour, these toilet seat sanitizers will help elevate the public toilet experience and make it a pleasant smelling one.

Multi-purpose: Not only can a toilet seat sanitizer spray be used as toilet seats, it can also be used on knobs, faucets, door handles, flush knobs and other high touch areas, as they may contain germs too.

Washroom etiquettes: Using a toilet seat spray can also instil a sense of graciousness among the users. One can use them before and after using the toilet, thus maintaining cleanliness and making it hygienic for the other users.